Formal Hair & Makeup

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
While it was very enjoyable, getting organised for graduation came with its stresses. And, every girl wants their hair and makeup to do their dress justice, that’s where I come in. Before the day we’ll have some discussions around what you’re wearing and your ideas to help ensure you look amazing on your special day.

As for amazing, beautiful formal dresses from Meshki.

If you’d like to do a trial run leading up to graduation so you know exactly how everything is going to look, I’d be more than happy to do so at a reduced rate. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen at this stage and would like to make a booking, all that’s required is a time, a place and a 20% deposit.
Formal Makeup$80.00
Trial Session$50.00
Formal Hairstyle$80.00
Trial Session$50.00
Formal Package (Hair & Makeup)$140.00
This package includes lashesNIL